Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 15 Teasers!

Chapter 15


"What do you have there?" Bella asked, poking her head up into the attic to see what was taking him so long.

Edward was sitting with his legs folded, papers scattered around him on the floor. At the sound of her voice, he looked up slowly, his eyes full of wonder. Immediately, her curiosity was piqued.

"They're your father's. I'm sorry I took so long, they were just just stuffed in this box haphazardly so I tried to put them in some type of order."

She smiled and ducked under a rafter, making her way over to him slowly. She found an empty spot right next to him and slid down carefully, picking up a random paper and reading it. The hand writing was neat, but obviously masculine.

August 23, 1997
In less than a month, my baby girl will be ten. She's growing up too fast and just as beautiful as her mother. I know Mac, Emmett and I are going to have our hands full in a few years. Maybe I could keep her locked away like a fairytale princess? Nah, then I'd just be edgy waiting for that knight in shining armor to scale her wall and sweep her off into the night.

Ha! As if I'll be able to contain her, if she's half as stubborn as Renee. But that's okay, because she's still my Bella.


Tears spilled down her cheeks and she reached up to wipe them away. Glancing over, she noticed Edward was slack-jawed in surprise, looking down at a paper in his hand.

"Edward? What's wrong," she asked in concern.

He turned to her and silently handed her the weathered square of paper, his hands trembling slightly. She studied it in shock, her mind fighting to wrap itself around the typed words and failing miserably.


  1. Let me guess... she's not really Charlie's daughter. That would just be so... damn I want to cry now. I love Charlie. My first newborn is ready for delivery in exchange for the next chapter to be released early.

  2. What caused so much commotion in Edward and Bella?

  3. Oh no cliffie teaser! Bring on friday

  4. I was thinking a birth certificate or something too? Hmmmm, hate that we have to wait till firday!!

  5. Maybe she has a sibling she doesn't know about. Secret sibling = crazy stalker

  6. Imma need for you to post the chapter a day sooner so we can see what is the problem!!! LOL!!! Great teaser!!!

  7. Oh goodness! Too many things are going through my mind. I can't wait for Friday!