Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 22 Teasers!

Chapter 22


"I'll be right there," Alistair replied hurriedly, snapping his phone shut.

He stood quickly, and walked over to squat down directly into Bella's vision.

"That was Edward," he said hastily. "There was some issue at the house, but it's under control. I'm heading over there to help out. Do not-" He paused for emphasis. "Do not leave this room or Tanya's side until one of us comes for you."

Bella's eyes widened and she immediately began to protest. "But, Al-"

"No," he replied firmly. "Please, Bella," he pleaded. "Just do as I ask. I can't do my job if I'm worried about you. Will you please promise to stay here?"

She swallowed nervously and nodded. She wanted nothing more than to follow him home, and find out what was going on, but she'd made a promise to the people she loved that her safety would be her foremost thought.

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  1. Gah, looks like things are coming to a head in this chappie! Can't wait!
    Love you Shel, haven't "seen" you in a while, hope you're good :D