Monday, July 11, 2011

Chapter 20 Teasers!

Chapter 20


"Ugh, I hate these stupid shoes," Bella grumbled, as she practiced walking around the living room in four inch silver heels. "Why do I have to go to this thing again?"

"Well, who was traipsing around the back woods in sneakers for the past few months?" Tanya smirked from her seat on the couch, close to Mac. "Plus, you were the one who agreed to be James' arm candy for this awards show."

Bella stopped and put her hands on hips in annoyance. "Thanks for the support, Tanya," she replied sarcastically, a smile tugging at her mouth.

Tanya threw her head back and laughed. "I'm not here as your Fairy Godmother tonight, honey. I'm here to hang out with you uncle."

(teasers are completely unBeta'd)

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  1. Really looking forward to reading the next chapter.