Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chapter 11 Teasers!

Chapter 11


Emmett stared down Bella, hoping to intimidate her with his size and ferociousness. She merely eyed him casually and sighed.

"No," she replied calmly, moving her token three spaces.

His face crumpled, changing tactics and resorted to whining to help get his way. "Pleeeeease? Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"I said no," she replied firmly. "The last time I traded you Park Place, you screwed me over."

His jaw dropped in surprise. "That was like, eleven years ago!" he exclaimed. His eyes narrowed and he squinted in thought. "I seem to remember you getting pissed off and sweeping the board after that."

Bella flushed and rolled her eyes. "I don't recall any such thing."

"Uh huh, whatever, Scrappy," he scoffed.

She turned to Rosalie, who sat watching their exchange with an amused smile, along with the other three people in the room.

"Does he guilt trip you as well, when he doesn't get his own way?"

Rose smirked and shook her head. "No, he usually tries to bribe me with sexual favors."

Bella scrunched her face up and looked ill for a moment. "Ew, gross. He's my brother, for all intents and purposes."


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