Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chapter 7 ~ Teasers!

Chapter 7


Bella took a few deep breaths and leaned on Emmett as Rosalie rubbed her back in comfort. She didn't truly start to feel at ease until she looked up and found Edward's gaze. He smiled sadly at her and she swallowed thickly. For the first time since she'd been welcomed back with open arms, she wondered if being here was a good idea. She tore her gaze away from Edward and felt panic rise up in her chest. She reached down and picked up her bag and stumbled backwards, toward the door.

"Bells?" Emmett asked, his voice laden with concern. "Where are you going?"
"I- I need to leave. I c-can't stay here," she stuttered out, fresh tears attacking her eyes.

Edward realized what was happening before anyone else and didn't stop himself from moving forward this time. He strode forward and cupped her cheeks, forcing her to meet his gaze. The other three were frozen in bewilderment, until his words cut through the air like a knife.

"Don't do this, Bella. Don't run. Please don't pull away from us," he pleaded, with both his voice and his wide green eyes.


  1. it friday yet?

  2. OMG SOOOO FRAKING GOOD!! Can't wait to read it!!

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  4. OH. EM. GEEEEEEEE!!!!
    I bet the stalker *cough*Jacob*cough* sent her something, or maybe she got bad news?
    ARGH! Can't wait till Friday!!!

  5. ^ Mina Rivera omg i was thinking the same thing when i was reading the last chapter with that marriage thing lol deff think it is jake :D

  6. I think the stalker is much closer! Someone in her inner circle in LA
    She was sent something personal, a threat against someone? or a photograph....
    we shall see...

  7. Oh no! I hope it's not that pesky stalker.
    I'm glad that Edward is trying to be supportive. She needs all the friends she can get.

  8. The Friday will not come soon enough for my taste.

  9. Bring on friday please :)
    Wanna know whats got bella shook up! Nasty stalker grrr but kinda good in twisted way if it pushes Edward and bella closer together

    Oh and I love mumford and sons being used :) they are AWEsome and then some. I remember listening to their album all last summer

  10. Is it Friday yet? Am I crazy to be so eager for the next chapter? Huh, guess so, but I don't care.

    Bella's taking too much on herself by thinking she'll be able to protect her friends from her life and stalker. Someone's going to get hurt, badly.