Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapter 1 ~ Teasers!

Chapter One


She placed her bags on the floor and pulled her hood back, getting a good view of herself in the mirror. She knew that she wouldn't get far; her looks were too recognizable. 

Step one: She pulled her long blond hair from its ponytail and swiftly braided it, before wrapping it into a bun. It would have to do for now.

Step two: She leaned over the sink and gently plucked out one contact lens, and then the other. Dropping them in the sink, she turned on the faucet and watched the unnatural blue swirl in the basin and then down the drain. She blinked several times and looked into the mirror, an odd feeling washing over her as she gazed into her own unfamiliar chocolate eyes.

Step three: She dug through her backpack, ignoring the wads of currency shoved in there haphazardly and pulled out an old, battered Seattle Mariners ball cap. She placed it on her head and felt tears sting her eyes as she remembered her father, the hat's previous owner. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"Watch over me, Daddy and help me get to Mac safely," she whispered into the silence.


  1. Got a feeling I'm gonna stick around!

  2. It sounds incredible already & I am looking forward to Friday's again.

  3. i would have to agree with nanadb i also think im sticking around it already sounds so good i cant wait :D